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David Piemonte
Photo by Bianca Piemonte

Photography for me is all about the moment. I've always been fascinated by what the camera captures as opposed to what the eye sees. At the same time, I feel my purpose as a photographer is to create images that sometimes ask more questions than they answer. It's the subtleties that create the mood of an image.

I'm also drawn to the simplicity of nature as a symbolic statement of life, and I try to express this in my work. My series of floral images, which I photograph in complete darkness with minimal amounts of light, are ones of solitude and isolation, yet they seem to have a mysterious beauty all their own. So often we think of flowers within the context of abundance and color. Perhaps my floral images will allow the viewer to see them from a more intimate perspective.

I've had an interest in photography since about the age of ten. My earliest influence came from my father Tom, who owned a local newspaper in New Jersey. In addition to being the Editor and Publisher, he was also one of the photographers. Sometimes I would watch him covering a story or working in the darkroom. And when I finally got my first camera, he would encourage me to take photographs for the weekly editions. It was during these early years when I began to look at the world in a different way.

After attending New England School of Photography in Boston, I decided in the fall of 1979 to spend some time traveling through Europe. The six months I spent there would prove to be a pivotal time in my artistic career, particularly during my visit to Venice, where I discovered the beauty and solitude of night photography. It was here, in the late hours of the night, camera and tripod in hand, that I had that floating city all to myself. I continue my search for nocturnal landscapes to this day . . . or night.
Copyright © 2004 David Piemonte

Traditional film and silver gelatin photography has always been the method I prefer for creating my work. I print everything by hand using archival processes for image permanence and darkroom techniques that I've refined over the years. As a fine art photographer, the process of actually making the image can sometimes be as rewarding as the end result.

Copyright © 2004
David Piemonte

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